The Austrian Association of Grassland and Livestock Farming (ÖAG) is a non-profit association (ZVR number: 103606073) and sees itself as an open platform with the aim of ensuring the transfer of specialist knowledge from the fields of grassland and livestock farming into agricultural practice and promoting its application. ÖAG bundles the current state of knowledge with the involvement of experts and makes this knowledge available to its members and the interested public via the website and ÖAG publications (specialist information). Since its foundation in 1988, ÖAG has had a special close relationship to grassland and livestock research at the Agricultural Research and Education Centre (AREC) Raumberg-Gumpenstein, where the association's main office is located.

The association finances itself through membership fees (10 € per member and year), the sale of ÖAG specialist information and sponsorship money. The number of members is 2500 individual members, mainly from Austria but also from Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol.

Currently, 11 specialist groups and an advisory board form the core of ÖAG, with 3 delegates sitting on the association's executive board. The expert groups each consist of 5 to 10 experts from Austria and neighbouring countries. They are elaborating publications about relevant specific issues in order to spread knowledge.

The thematic working groups currently are:

  • Forage production and forage conservation
  • Seed production and forage plant breeding
  • Animal nutrition
  • Organic farming
  • Grassland farming, hunting and nature conservation
  • Grassland management and fertilization
  • Dairy production
  • Suckler cow husbandry and beef fattening
  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry and animal health
  • Grassland farming and horse management
  • Alpine pastures

The latest knowledge about grassland and livestock farming in its various facets is bundled and made available to ÖAG members and interested people via the website and ÖAG publications.

In addition to the AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein, ÖAG supports other cooperation partners in the organisation of specialist conferences (winter conference, hunting conference, horse conference, expert forum, livestock farming conference). ÖAG plans and coordinates field days together with schools, consulting institutions, machinery rings, local farming communities, alpine farming associations and companies. These activities aim at a professional added value and additional synergies in the direct and personal exchange of knowledge between the actors from research, consulting, teaching, farming, economy and politic.

Specialist information is made available to ÖAG members, and schools, consulting institutions and interested persons from all fields are offered. ÖAG members receive the latest specialist information and information publications exclusively by post in two mailings per year and can also download all specialist information free of charge and without limitation from the website.